Having a motorcycle can be one of the most thrilling things in life, but one of the main questions I hear a lot, is about the need for motorcycle insurance.

These two alarming statistics really caught my attention the most:

  • Serious bodily injury motorcycle accidents happens every 14 seconds.
  • Only 25% of motorcycles that are stolen are ever found. And motorcycle theft is increasing every year.

What does motorcycle insurance cover?

  • Liability - covers the costs of injuries to others who are on your bike or who are hurt from your bike hitting them. This coverage will also pay for property damage.
  • Comprehensive - covers the damages from fire, hail, tornado, hitting an animal, and of course, theft.
  • Personal Items - covers items such as a motorcycle helmet, leather and other safety apparel.
  • Medical - covers you in case you need a trip to the hospital by ambulance, or any post accident physical therapy.